Pretzel Christmas Wreaths


What do you do when you have leftover chocolate kisses, a bag of pretzels and you find some M&Ms in the leftover Halloween candy? You make these! Or at least you attempt to make them. I didn’t think they turned out that well, as I didn’t think the chocolate kiss melted all that well, or at least not as well as I though it would. As a result, the M&M didn’t push down as well as I had expected. I had even put parchment paper on the pan on the chance that the chocolate would melt and cause clean up problems. But, alas, no such luck.

But, I was told that the looked good by others and they tasted just fine so, hey maybe that’s how they are supposed to be. Anyway, the best part about these is you can make as many or as few as you like, you just need the ingredients. I made the amount I did as that was all the M&Ms I had.

You will need –

Small pretzels
Chocolate kisses

Top each pretzel with an unwrapped chocolate kiss. Bake for 10-12 minutes in a preheated, 200 degree oven. Remove and immediately push an M&M on to the top of each kiss. Let cool completely. Enjoy

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