Bacon and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


When we first started planning for this party, we decided that stuffed mushrooms would be made as one of the dishes. Once I decided on a bacon theme however, I had to find a new recipe. Eventually, I settled on the one linked below. Partly because I had most of the stuff at home already. It made for easy shopping.

Out of the bacon dishes I made, I think this one was the best. Granted, one that I made was just bacon and brown sugar (hard to compete with that) but this one was a good, all around dish. And, there wasn’t much of anything that I changed or adjusted with this recipe either. However, as I was making it, I was concerned about the amount of mushroom stems I had compared to the rest of the filling. I must of picked the right packages of mushrooms to wind up with that big of stems. But, they did cook down well and it was a good amount of the filling. Using the cream cheese was interesting. While it melted down, it still held together well and actually made it easy (I thought) to stuff the mushrooms.

Since I had been making multiple dishes at once, I ended up making the filling, stuffing the mushrooms and then letting them sit for awhile before baking them. They turned out fine, even after the filling cooled a bit. I had a combination of large and small(er) mushrooms. I would agree with the post linked below that the smaller mushrooms, while you might need more of them, are better as they are easier to just pop in your mouth. Most definitely, a keeper for the future.

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

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