Cinnamon-Sugar Bacon Twists


I’ve made candied bacon before and this is pretty similar. Instead of spreading syrup on the bacon you dip it in cinnamon/brown sugar. Pretty simple.

I used a thick cut of bacon and it had about 16 slices so once they were cut in half, I had 32. Although I can get a pack of bacon to fit on one of my pans, they usually touch and I was trying to avoid that with these. I got it covered, mostly due to the twisting which made each piece more narrow. I did find that I needed just a little bit more of the cinnamon sugar mixture so you may need to adjust making with what you use for bacon. More or less slices will make a difference.

I left them in for the full 20 minutes, trying to make sure that they were fully cooked. When I checked it at 15 minutes,mall the sugar was bubbling in the pan and I thought I was going to have a huge sticky mess. In the end it was sticky, but not quite a huge mess. Once I took the pan out and it cooled a bit, the sugars stopped bubbling. I moved them right to the serving plate. There wasn’t anything to be done with draining the grease.

And taste? Absolutely fantastic. I mean it is bacon after all. And sugar. What’s not to like?

1 pound of bacon, each slice cut in half
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 TSP ground cinnamon

Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Dip each piece of bacon in the sugar, covering it thoroughly. Twist each bacon slice and place on a pan. I always put some foil down to ease the clean up. Very important here. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

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