Plantain Ground Beef Torte


Another recipe found online, on somewhat of a whim, that sounded interesting enough to try. Specifically I was intrigued by the plantain aspect. The one, and only, time I’ve had plantains was when I was in Haiti and we had them (fried) as part of dinner. Every night. Nothing against plantains but I didn’t quite like them and frankly got a little sick of them every night. But I thought this was a good opportunity to give them another try.

This is similar, in some ways, to the Cuban Style Picadillo that I made awhile back. On the flip side, it was a little less sweet than the that one and there are a lot more veggies in this one that the first.

Although there is a lot of prep work putting everything together (lots of chopping) it wasn’t all that difficult. The hardest part might have been the slicing of the plantains. I’m not sure that I got them thin enough, or actually I’m pretty sure that I didn’t as I only had enough for two layers rather than the three that the recipe calls for. But that worked out fine. It may have been easier to divide everything in half rather than in thirds.

Cooking it was a little different story. I followed the directions and maybe even cooked it a bit longer than needed in some steps but some of the carrots still came out a bit crunchy. Not too happy about that as I had thought I had sliced them thin enough but maybe I should have diced them even further. But it didn’t detract too much. All in all it turned out pretty well. It’s kind of like a lasagna, kind of like a big casserole. The taste was good although, from my perspective, it wasn’t all that great if you hit a big bite of just plantain with little else.

Speaking of the plantains, I had probably bought all the stuff for this a week or so ago and waited, not necessarily on purpose, to make it. In that time the plantains ripened a bit further. They were both a little soft yet still pretty firm when I sliced them. They may have been easier to slice when a little less ripe but the recipe didn’t specify the ripeness needed for the plantains.

The only changes I made were to use dried spices, 1 TBSP each rather than fresh and I used a whole can (small 14.5 oz) of tomato sauce rather than measuring out two cups. It was pretty close to two cups as it was.

Even if you are not a big banana person (I am not – see above regarding the plantains) I’d say this is a dish worth a try. It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone occasionally.

Plantain Ground Beef Torte

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