Beer Cheese Pretzel Dip


This was searched for, decided on and made on a total whim. We were going to a party and while I already had one thing in mind to make, we had this big bag of pretzels I didn’t see us eating anytime soon so I Googled “pretzel dip” and this is one of the ones I found. Pretty straightforward. I did use the entire 1/2 cup if beer (Capital Brewery Supper Club for those keeping track at home) as I wanted it to be a more creamy dip. Downside was that after being in the fridge overnight, it was just as hard as the cheese ball I had made. I would have been happier if it was more of a “dip” rather than something you really had to work to scrape out but it was good. I couldn’t seem to taste the beer but others asked if there was beer in it. And the ranch. They must have better tastebuds than me.

I didn’t use any cayenne pepper and I only sprinkled seasoned salt on the top (made it look like the picture). And it works with more than just pretzels. Crackers and tortilla chips worked just as well for eating it.

Beer Cheese Pretzel Dip

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