Birthday Cake Pancakes


Following on the theme of using cake mix for other uses, I decided to make one of the other recipes I had found, this one for “birthday cake” pancakes. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday, although as the original blogger points out, this would be a great birthday breakfast (hence the name I think). Essentially this is pancake batter with cake mix thrown in. But I would caution on just throwing some cake batter into any pancake recipe. You’ve got to have the right balance of wet and dry ingredients. However, I will be doing some experimenting with this concept as a long time ago I made “red velvet waffles”. Sadly the recipe I found for that was just making a red velvet cake and cooking the batter. Not my idea of a true waffle. So, I’m going to work on that.

About these – they were good. I left the first round of them on the griddle a bit too long and they got a bit brown on one side. They were not bubbling like other pancakes so I was hard to gauge when to flip. And for those that say you flip after a certain time, personally I’ve found that it varies greatly each time you make them. Plus I may need a new griddle. Our current one, electric, is old and the side by the heating element is definitely hotter than the other (which sounds obvious but it should be a consistent heat across).

As for the taste, they tasted like cake but it wasn’t overpowering and it wasn’t like eating a piece of cake. I was a little disappointed that the sprinkles kind of melted after putting them in but that’s to be expected. Luckily they held some shape/form so you knew that that is what was there. If you don’t want to call these “birthday cake” pancakes, you can always call them “sprinkle pancakes”. That’s what my 3 year old named them after she helped put it all together. I skipped the “frosting” for them and we just used syrup. While I know it “completes” the aspect of it being a cake, I’ve often found that doing that is more trouble than its worth. I am all about presentation but sometimes when it’s just the immediate family, presentation slides a bit.

Oh and I used white cake mix rather than yellow. Mostly because I had opened the white cake mix for the milkshakes and needed to use it up.

Birthday Cake Pancakes

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