Chicken Sausage Risotto


Risotto can be an intimidating dish to put together. You have to have a lot of diligence in paying attention so that you continue to add enough liquid to make it soft and creamy without adding too much liquid. But, although having only made it twice prior (one being a baked version that didn’t require a lot work) I’ve found it to not be that intimidating. Yes, you do need to pay attention but you should be paying attention anyway while you cook.

Other than my decision to use a 12 oz package of Johnsonville Apple Chicken Sausage rather than an Italian sausage this was done “to spec”. It’s pretty straightforward when you look at it and not too difficult. I will say that you should let it come to a simmer prior to starting the 15 minute timer. It took about half that amount of time to come to a simmer. The rest of the timing is estimated as you do play it by ear a little with the risotto.

Italian Sausage Risotto

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