Tuxedo Chili


It finally cooled off around here. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. So, it was the perfect day to make some chili. This was a unique recipe with the black and white beans (“tuxedo”) and the spices provided and interesting – good – flavor.

While I was able to multi-task fairly well, it took longer than expected. There was a part about simmering until the liquid was reduced by half. To try and save some time I just let it boil off for awhile instead of simmering. That may have saved some time but I don’t know that it actually reduced by half. The idea is that the chicken finishes cooking while it simmers. While I know part of that reason is to help infuse the flavors, a though I had after the fact was that it might have worked to cook the chicken all the way and only add half the liquid. Might be something to try next time.

The spice mix turned out really well. The cinnamon and cumin (and oregano) gave it a great flavor. A flavor that you don’t often get in chili. The bean mixture was better than expected. I half expected the black beans to be a bit tough (I don’t know why) but they were just as soft as everything else. Once cooked, I added some shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream as suggested. I’m not sure that it added anything directly. What did add some great flavor was the cilantro. Not something I would have thought of myself but adding a few leaves and mixing it together allowed for the cilantro flavor to combine with the rest of the flavors. It was much better than expected.

While I often say that most recipes are a one and done, this is on the list to be made again. Definitely.

Tuxedo Chili

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