Turtle Burgers


This was another one of those recipes that was making the rounds on Facebook. At one point I was challenged/encouraged to try it myself. I finally got a chance to do it last night.

It’s a somewhat complicated thing to put together. The bacon is a little hard to get perfectly woven together and wrapped around without too much sliding around. But then, you’ve got to to move them around to shove the hot dogs in. So it gets a little messy and does not end up looking like the picture. Plus, it’s a full 1/4 pound of meat so it’s pretty big. That doesn’t help matters.

The meat actually turns out a bit more like a meatloaf than a hamburger. It’s good, but it’s not a “burger” so to speak. I went with the opinion powder instead of the actual onion. I left out the liquid smoke (intentionally) and the Worcestershire sauce (unintentionally). Turns out we weren’t out of it, it was just in a cupboard I didn’t look in. Once cooked, I found I needed to flip them and broil the other side as the bacon wasn’t cooked on that side. I’ve found that to be a problem with most recipes that call for something to be wrapped in bacon and then placed on a wire rack. The underside doesn’t get cooked. I always make my bacon in the oven but it sits in its own grease and cooks.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. It tasted pretty good. The downside is that it’s supposed to look like a turtle (hence the name) but unless you get it just right, it’s not going to look all that great. An interesting dish, fun to do. The recipe gives a few different ways to cook it. Maybe next time I’ll try it on the grill.

Turtle Burgers

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