Spaghetti Pie


I was a little disappointed when I first read this recipe as this is much more of just a baked spaghetti dish rather than a “pie”. And even then it’s not really spaghetti (no meat or pasta sauce). But I thought I’d try it anyway.

It was ok. I disagree with the recipe online that this will become “your kids new favorite dinner.” It wasn’t that good. In fact it was a little bland. This is another recipe that doesn’t have a lot of spice. I’ll admit I left out the cayenne pepper but I try not to go the spicy route as I’m the only one that like spicy foods. But that shouldn’t be the only thing in it for spices. A little disappointing.

I used five pieces of bacon as more is better. And I can’t count. I pulled out five pieces of bacon rather than four and decided to just use them. In the end I should have used the whole package. It needed more. That would have definitely added to the flavor. At the same time, I think I would cut down on onion. A large, red onion is a lot of onion. I didn’t necessarily taste it but it was very apparent that there was onion in it. I’d prefer to have it be a little more subtle.

I also used a 2 1/2 quart dish rather than a 3 quart dish. (I didn’t have one). It worked, it was just really full. The edges that were uncovered got a little crispy but otherwise it turned out fine after baking for a half hour. There are certainly adjustments I could make if making it again, but I’m not it is worth it. It’s not the favorite kids meal.

Spaghetti Pie

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