Strawberries and Cream Scones


This was a good change of pace for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Usually breakfast is pancakes (sometimes waffles). While these turned out good, there were a few little changes/delays.

I probably shouldn’t call these “cream” scones as I didn’t have any cream and just used milk. I chose to use the stand mixer for the incorporating the butter. It worked okay but was hard to get it into “pea” size chucks consistently. I think there was at least one piece that was still pretty big that was sitting on top of one of one of the pieces after they were cut out.

Be sure if you are using your hands to mess with the dough at the end you flour your hands. If you don’t, it WILL stick to your hands and cause all sorts of problems.

I wound up with about 9 scones. I could have cut them smaller. It might have been a good idea. The recipe said it would take 13-16 minutes to bake. It took me 22 minutes before I was satisfied. The recipe does say that you could drop them by tablespoon and make them more like biscuits. That would be a good alternative.

Regarding the glaze, I forgot about it and didn’t put it on before baking. Instead I decided to put it on after. It worked that way. Not sure exactly how it would have worked out while baking, especially since I wound up baking them longer than the recipe called for. Speaking of the glaze, it took more than a teaspoon of water to make the consistency glaze-like. When I first put it together it was just thick, wet sugar. I didn’t measure out the extra water so I’m not sure how much it was. You’ll just have to eyeball it.

Strawberries and Cream Scones

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