Grilled Sweet Corn


I’ve only grilled corn a few times and usually it has been with the husks on. It’s a complicated thing, trying to clean them off while maintaining the husk integrity. Plus I’ve always read that you need to soak them in water. I’ve thought about how else do it but never really knew exactly what to do.

So I was pleased to read in the latest issue of Cooks Illustrated this “new” method. I won’t try to recreate the article but basically it was about how to ensure that the butter, and what ever other flavors you wanted would be present with minimal effort. You know more than just some butter and salt on it when it’s done.

So, what they ultimately recommended was removing the husks and silk from the corn. Then lightly charring them over high heat on the grill. After that, you transfer them to a 9×13 disposable aluminum pan. Add your butter and other stuff (they had a bunch of recipes for butter mixed with other stuff. I used squeeze margarine (not what we usually use but it was there and was convenient). I put some on the bottom of the pan and sprinkled some garlic salt on it. I then added the corn with more margarine and garlic salt. Cover the pan with foil and put it over low heat on the grill. Every so often shake the pan to move it around.

It was on there for 10-15 minutes while the hamburgers cooked. I think it worked out really well. There was no need to add anything to it. It wasn’t intentional but people thought it tasted like popcorn. Not sure I could repeat it but it was kind of cool. Definitely will do this again. (and again) (and again)

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