Bacon Bourbon Baked Beans


I haven’t posted in awhile and I apologize. But we’ve been so busy the last few weeks that I have been doing much cooking at all, at least of things that I would want to post about. We just haven’t had time.

But, I felt like I needed to do something since I’ll be gone again next week and won’t be cooking. So I volunteered to bring something to a cookout/birthday party we were going to. I finally settled on baked beans as I had a recipe saved (somewhere) for bourbon baked beans that I had never made. After finding it and reading through it I decided I didn’t really like it and turned to my trusty source (the Internet) to find and alternative. Eventually I settled on this one mainly because it contained bacon (everything is better with bacon).

I’ll start by saying this – in the end these turned out great. I was a little concerned when I started as I had decided to double the recipe because one pound of dried beans looks pretty small. Note to self – they will expand after soaking and not be so tiny. And then all the other ingredients filled – FILLED – my crockpot which would not allow me to put any beans in.

So….I had to try and evenly distribute the liquid and the beans between two crockpots. Luckily I own about five of varying shapes and sizes. That seemed to work ok as I measured out the liquid and then guessed on the beans.

At the end, the original crockpot I had planned on using turned out pretty well. The other one was okay but the beans had not gotten as dark and the liquid didn’t thicken as much. That crockpot is really old and may not of gotten as hot as the other or at least that’s what my wife suggested. She’s probably right. She often is.

As for the actual recipe, I only made a few tweaks and that was out of necessity. I didn’t quite have enough worcestershire (I just had to google how to spell that – true story) and although I dumped the remaining ground mustard in that I had it was no where near the right amount. It didn’t even come close to being enough if I hadn’t doubled it. The BBQ sauce I used was an entire small bottle of Kraft Original. It wasn’t necessarily my “favorite” but it was what was in the cupboard. Measuring it out, the whole bottle was enough.

Here is one other thing I debated on and ultimately did. You sauté the onions in the bacon fat and then put all of it (no draining) in the mix. No problem there but with a double recipe I had twice as much bacon and A LOT of bacon fat. Enough that I didn’t put it all in for the onions. S the debate raged on as I cooked. Do I put the extra bacon fat in or not? It seemed like a lot to put in. But I threw it in anyway. I figured, why not?

Side note – I don’t think these qualify as health food.

The last thing I’ll say about this is it is not a quick recipe. If you really want to do this you’ll need to make them a day (at least) in advance. It just takes way too long. I let the beans soak all day and then made the rest of it so it was in the crockpot overnight. By 8 am that morning it was done but then it sat all day in the fridge since the party was at night. Just had to reheat it in the oven before we left.

Bacon Bourbon Baked Beans

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