Bacon Cheese Pull Aparts


I’ve always had bad luck with making things like monkey bread as it never seems to cook in the middle, while the outside is crisp. This, whole not monkey bread, is a similar concept with cut up biscuits. However, this puts it in a single layer in a pan rather than jumbled up in a bunt style pan.

Anyway, it turned out well. Future use of the recipe will require more bacon (you never have enough bacon) and cheese. I cooked a package of thick cut bacon and used about half instead of the pre-cooked stuff. I think the whole package next time is in order. I also used about a cup of cheese rather than just 3/4 cup but more would be good. I didn’t use the green onions.

You definitely need to use a 12×8 pan. I thought I could use my normal 13×9 but when I poured it in, it was not enough to fill the pan. Luckily I had the smaller pan. Baking it took the high side of the suggested time.

Bacon Cheese Pull Aparts

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