Pulled Pork


This is my other standard “party meal” — something pretty easy to make in large quantities for a party. I feel lime I’ve pretty well mastered it as well although I will admit that this time it didn’t turn out as well. It was a little dry. But more on that later.

I’ve started to use pork loins for the meat rather than a shoulder or butt roast. It’s not the ideal cut but it works. I used them this time as I already had some in the freezer. You can make any quantity that you want. It’s kind of like the Italian Beef. You just adjust as needed. I made about 15 lbs this time which was more than enough. We wound up freezing some which is nice for later but maybe I could cut back when I make it. Anyway, it’s fairly simple to put together. You just need time.

I take yellow onions, cut into round slices and layer them on the bottom of the pan. Since we had a large quantity I used our roaster. Place the pork on top of the onions. Generously sprinkle ground black pepper and garlic salt on the meat. Cover with more sliced onions. Cook format least 10 hours. This cooked for about 15 hours. I left it alone except to move the meat around to make sure it was in the juices.

Once it’s done cooking, remove it and shred it. At this point I usually drain the pan and put the pork back in. I probably need to save some of the juice back to add into the pork to moisten it. However, my next step is to always take BBQ sauce and add it in, mix it up and let it cook some more. That usually adds more moisture. This time instead of using something I bought from the store, I wanted to make my own. Or rather make it from scratch. I found this Molasses Barbecue Sauce recipe and decided to try it. The sauce was good – good flavor with a little kick. The downside was that I quadrupled the recipe but it wasn’t enough to moisten the pork the way I normally do it. I could have made more but at that point I was out of molasses.

In the end people still liked it I just need to take extra steps to be sure that it turns out the way I like it rather than “settling”.

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