Fish Tacos with Wilted Cabbage


I had high hopes for this recipe but In the end it was rather uninspiring. The two issues were mainly that it didn’t have a lot of flavor and the corn tortilla overpowered any flavor that did exist. I will admit that I may have shredded the cabbage a little too much (I used the food processor with the shredder attachment) and it may have cooked a little too long but neither of those should have caused less flavor.

Of course I did leave out the “fresh hot chile” (see previous posts on lack of spicy food in the house) and the tomatoes. I know the recipe calls for tomatoes but it just didn’t seem to fit. And the avocado. But it said it was “optional” so I opted to leave it out.

The corn tortilla overpowering it was a common problem for the other dishes I used the tortillas with since the package came with 1,000. Well, not really. More like 30 but it seemed to take forever to use up. The only other note is that I used red cabbage. It seemed like it was used in the picture

Recipe —–fish-tacos-with-wilted-cabbage-155642804.html

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