Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

IMG_1727Over Easter weekend at my grandma’s house I did most of the cooking.  (have pot, will travel).  This was Saturday night dinner, for 13 people.  I had tried to find something relatively simple that my grandma could eat (she’s not supposed to eat “spicy” foods anymore).  This was one of the first things that came to mind.  I had considered adding broccoli to it but in the end decided to go without.  Probably was a good decision in the end.  This was A LOT of food and broccoli was have just added more to it.  It barely fit in the pot the way it was.

I’m linking to the recipe below.  It is based on 8 servings.  I changed it to 12 since I had more people and then adjusted from there.  The two biggest changes I made was the chicken, mushrooms and pasta.  With 12 servings it called for 9 chicken breasts but no weight.  I went with about 6 pounds, about a 1/2 lb per person.  Yes, I’m aware that that is more than the “recommended” serving but I was determined to not run out.  I also used three full boxes of fettuccini instead of what it called for and used a full pound of sliced mushrooms.

It turned out great, although it took quite a while to get ready.  Cooking all that chicken (heck, cutting up all that chicken) took longer than I had anticipated.  At one point I was using three pans to cook the chicken to move it along.  Also, three pounds of pasta takes longer to cook than just one pound.

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