Bruleed Orange French Toast

IMG_1646I found this recipe on a whim one day.  We had some orange juice and I wondered if there was a recipe somewhere that included orange juice in the french toast mixture.  A quick internet search resulted in several.  This one sounded the most interesting, given the bruleed aspect.  I wound up not having any heavy cream and found that you can substitute it with a mixture of milk and melted butter.  If you go that route, just be sure that it is cooled down or you temper the mixture otherwise you will curdle the eggs when you pour it in (ahem, which I know from, ah, experience).  I’ve actually used that substitute twice now, and honestly, I don’t know that I like it.  It just doesn’t seem as “clean” using it rather than the real heavy cream.

I also choose to use some leftover bread from Panera rather than just store-bought bread.  The Panera bread was a little more dense than the average store-bought bread so it created a different texture but it worked fine.  To “brulee” it, it called for using a kitchen torch which I didn’t have (note to self – buy kitchen torch) so I broiled them in the oven.  It actually worked really well, however, since the bread slices were different thickness (since I had to cut it myself) there were a few of the thicker pieces that had the edges burned.  But other than that, it was good.  The orange flavor wasn’t as pronounced as I had hoped for but it was still pretty tasty.

For anyone wondering about the bacon, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I bake my bacon which usually results in nice, flat, evenly cooked pieces.  I’m still trying to find the best brand of bacon to use.  Some haven’t cooked up as nice.

Recipe found online –

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