Amazing Muffin Cups

IMG_1563These were not amazing.  Not in the least.  In fact, they were almost a unmitaged disaster.  Several things went wrong in making them, some my fault, others just the fault of the recipe (I think).  Bottom line, they tasted good but I wouldn’t consider these “amazing” enough to be worth the effort to do it again.

Lets start with the first mistake, which was mine.  I did these on a Monday morning, which is bad idea as you have limited time before work which causes a problem if something takes longer than planned (or longer than the recipe says).  Second, while I really do like breakfast sausage, I hate cooking it.  It’s probably just me but it always seems to stick to whatever its in, the casing will often break, its hard to tell when its done exactly, etc.  I cooked the sausage on a pan (with foil) in the oven, flipping it once.  Maybe I should have sprayed the foil with something cause they stuck the foil.  Another issue, which again I can say is one of mine, is portioning.  I really suck at it.  I got the hash browns in the muffin cups but I just couldn’t seem to even it out.  I cooked the hash browns as directed and they didn’t seem to be quite as brown as the recipe indicated they should be but, I was short on time so I moved on.

Next was the sausage and peppers.  The sausage was easy, I just put one in each cup.  The pepper was again an issue with portioning.  I should have just counted out the little pieces.  By now the cup seemed pretty full and I didn’t know how I was going to get the cheese and the eggs in it.  Bottom line I used less cheese.  I just eyeballed about the same amount in each.  Then I poured the eggs in, running out of eggs before I was done, causing me to use two more eggs.  Cooking it the rest of the way worked fine however, when it was time for them to come out, well, they really didn’t….  Despite spraying the cups with nonstick spray (as directed) AND cutting around each of them, all 12 stuck.  Clean up later was a bear.  That leaves me to be glad I didn’t cook the hash browns longer as it probably would have just stuck more.

Maybe start with putting muffin papers in the cups first.  That would prevent the sticking but I can’t say for certain about the rest.  And I think I need to find some deeper muffin pans.  If such things exist.

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