Chinese Style Turkey Meatballs

IMG_1472I’m sitting here trying to remember exactly why I had decided to make these.  I think I had been looking for something different and an Asian type meatball sounded good at the time.  I made these for a Super Bowl party and, since I has limited time and was making a lot of other things, I decided to make them ahead of time.  That worked, except that once they sat in the fridge (with the sauce) for a few days and I reheated them in a crock pot, I think they dried out a little bit.  They tasted good when I ate one right after they were made and they still tasted good later but making them early backfired a bit.

The other issue was that I bought, and used, a frozen, one pound package of ground turkey that when thawed was mush.  It made it difficult to actually form them in balls.  Someone later suggested using a cookie scoop which I think would work perfectly.  Just wish they had mentioned that earlier.

Below is a link to the recipe online.

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